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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

Jane175 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 7:24 AM
I would like to respond to your lunatic rant, but anyone stating what you just stated hasn't got the intelligence to recognize a lie from truth. Speaking of insults...let's talk about your Liar in Chief letting four brave Americans die in Libya in order to support his lies of no more terrorism...and then jets off to Las Vegas. He and his supporters are like Christmas tree lights...50% won't work and the other 50% aren't very bright!!!!

Just how badly did CNN's Candy Crowley destroy her first (and hopefully last) attempt as a presidential debate moderator? More than 65 million people saw that she is to debate moderation as CNN is to "news."

Barack Obama made a fatal mistake when he lied, claiming he'd labeled the Libya attack as an act of terrorism. The look on Romney's face said it all: Mr. President, here comes checkmate.

Then Crowley leapt to Obama's defense, declared a lie a truth, changed the subject, and Obama was free.

It was a travesty.

Let's get beyond the perennial partisan toe-taggers Rachel Maddow...