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Shut Up and Listen

Jane121 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 10:20 AM
why shouldn't at least someparetns WANT to be stay-at-home while raising hteir kids? Today there are ways of making a living with both parents home...such as a farm, or both working mostly online, perhaps being landlords...why shouldn't parents who are up ot it raise their own children? If they can't manage a way for both parents to stay at home, but can manage one parent (in close contact with the other) ot stay at home, that is half way to heaven. We need to set the goal for those who are up to it for both parent sto stay at home and educate their own kids.

Sometimes men should shut up and be good listeners. Especially when the issue is about women. What do men know?

Look, I’ll be the first guy to plead guilty for my gender, that we don’t know anything about women. Zip, zero, zilch. Moreover, we’re listening-challenged — though that, arguably, is a species-wide malady.

Nonetheless, we males still know something about the issue of working mothers versus stay-at-home mothers. After all, some of our favorite mothers were and are working or stay-at-home moms.

We’re sensitive, too — and a tad squeamish — when we see the scab...