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the blue collar working class man has been so abused by both parties! Because America is a majority European-American and a majority of European-Americans are not rich, the largest group of Americans are white and not rich: what reverse racists call "poor white trash" I'm ashamed of my country in that we abuse our working men by undercutting their potential by bringing in cheap foreign labor to take their jobs. Americans always did and are able to do ALL jobs available..the slur that Americans won't do some work is offensive and a lie. Hippies picked produce!!!
Mexico does not allow extradition in serious cases. I live in California and have known men who are wanted for murder who simply join their families in Mexico, as it is less than a day's drive from here. This is called getting away with murder. I even know a sister of a man wanted for 3 murders who thinks he just wants to be with his family in Mexico. There is such put-down of European-Americans and sympathy towards Mexicans here that this makes sense to locals.
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Ayn Rand At 110

Jane121 Wrote: Feb 02, 2015 3:45 PM
I live in Galt's Gulch. It is now often called "off the grid" Remember when we "dropped out"? In all these ways we learned to be like Ayn Rand
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Into the Lion’s Den

Jane121 Wrote: Feb 02, 2015 9:08 AM
free abortions in my town are given by Planned Parenthood where Mexican-American workers with many children talk European-American women to abort.
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Economic Lessons from Scandinavia

Jane121 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 1:29 PM
Scandinavians did fight off the Holy Roman Empire, claimed all were equals, had equality between genders in art and life, and established the initial escape route to the new world with VInland. What seemed to happen is that those "left behind" were all ethnic Scandinavians (used to , because of the weather and distance from others being pretty much all alike, and very small populations) so they could share with family and relatives...but their problem was a generous immigration so that they got lots of malcontents (muslims) who really hate ethnic Scandinavians.
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The Conservative Catharsis

Jane121 Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 8:52 AM
Jeb Bush is soft on Illegal "Immigration" saying that criminal illegals came here for love. There is nothing Conservative about a man who would feel that way. I personally question a Protestant who converted to Catholic because the illegal immigrants who want to take over America (La Raza) use their Catholic religion (which of course wants to expand its % of Americans). This is not true of a born Catholic or even one who converted but doesn't get quoted as believing criminal illegals all came to America for love (and so we should legalize them) These 2 elements (thinking illegals are all here for love, and being a convert to his Latina wife's religion which teaches that to the detriment of other religions) ...make him not conservative.
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Attack of the Open-Borders Mau-Mau-ers

Jane121 Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 7:35 AM
In my small city (150,000) pretty near Santa Barbara, my tiny neighborhood of 1200 named "Beach Flats" by activists and has been labeled "Latino" even though US census has now and always shown that Latinos (those who self-select "Hispanic") are less than half (that is about 500 individuals in a city of 150,000).But our public art in our public park is a mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe and a mural of what looks like Mexican gangsters. These are the public art murals I have to pass every day to get home. Across from my house and art studio is a community garden with a large colorful "art" facing my home with a image of an Aztec and the words in Spanish that translate as "see your future" and other words in Spanish and the community garden also has a mural facing my home that is of a globe centered on Mexico with no northern parts of the U.S. or Europe. These public art murals and signs were paid for by the City (which is a mostly white middle class college town but the Latino STudies Deptartment has courses in my neighborhood with very radical students) Is there any help for me and my large family who have lived here since prior to the Mexican Mafia moving here in about 1990? If so please let me know here or at 831-423-0170
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Offenders of the Western Faith

Jane121 Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 7:22 AM
Thanks, Dr. Hanson.I said that there were heroin dealers (dealing heroin on my street) A City Council Member said I "meant" that there were Latino heroin dealers and that was racist so I and my whole family were racist and needed to be punished. That was in Santa Cruz, California, where my kids' alma mater UCSC is (and your alma mater) The accusing council member was a grad of UCSC also.
Poor White Trash: we are abused and disrespected. Lefitsts use info from Rich Whites to further disempower poor whites (and some aren't completely poor, we just aren't ultra-rich and so are called and considered "Trash") We were pushed out of college by rich whites on the supreme court who decided to replace us with affirmative action (legecies of rich whites weren't displaced) ...same with our neighborhoods and jobs to illegal aliens. Stop putting all whites together since we poor white "Trash" are the largest group in America and the most abused by all!!! for example: if a poor white trash is displaced in neighborhood and job by affirmative action including illegal aliens...the poor white trash is called "racist"
both HItler and Stalin insisted that young children belonged to the State. Do NOT give your children to the State.
Homeschooled kids would go to online college (see my comment below)
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