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there were "natives" on the north east coast of "the New World" when the vikings settled there a thousand years ago. The Vikings were escaping a form of Christianity that burned women alive. When Vikings became Christians those who wanted it kept the settlements as an escape from top-down kingdoms associated with Christianity, but the early Christians wrote it down. They effected early Northern European Christianity to be less sexist and finally to be Protestants. Protestants joined them here in the New World, where some descendants of Vikings came down from the hills and joined the Protestant settlers, further influencing them to throw off their connection to Royalty, thus America!!!
oops, I meant to type that there are gangsters here who claim loyalty to Mexico who are against Americans
where I live soccer fields have been built for illegal immigrants from Mexico. There are gangsters Americans who play football.
working parents shouldn't hire those who have a different culture to raise their children.
my small town of Santa Cruz, Cali has an amusement park with tourist traffic by the beach. In the 1990s a heroin dealing street gang started selling drugs to junkies who hid in the tourist traffic and bought out of their car windows, not having to know a dealer. The town was so liberal they thought they were helping Latinos since the drug dealers were bringing the heroin across the Mexican border, so they identified what is still less than 1% of the town's population as neighborhood Latinos and started building SOCCER fields for them to promote Mexican culture in this mostly white town. Hundreds of deaths of vulnerable American young people is the result, so soccer is dangerous in that it invites the Mexican Mafia as they like to call themselves.
young adults starting a business trumps a college degree, even if it fails the education of trying gets the young adult on the right path to
sometimes parents send their kids off to college to avoid the stage of development in which their kids typically experiment with drugs drink and SEX. Transition from childhood to adulthood is difficult and if our culture helped families with this there would be more linkage which would help young adults with more social events for youth and they could then use the internet for education
White people, as a race, are disappearing because of low birth rates, even in the motherland of Europe, perhaps partly because of the commonly held belief that they are evil. Here in the New World whites are a smaller and smaller percentage of the population. So as whites disappear let's look at what they were. White people have had less slavery and less sexism than any other race ever. In the Old World, the more northern you go the less sexist you get, Vikings didn't want to burn their witches alive and fought for centuries against the Holy Roman Empire...they kept a line father and farther from the homeland to keep the empire out of a place couples made lives together on simple homesteads and didn't want to be ruled from Rome. In daring to fight against Rome they found themselves with captured slaves and made them indentured servants who learned the culture and earned land and were freed, and during their indenture they had equal votes at the assemblies as did women and children. America was settled by Vikings over a thousand years ago as an escape from the Holy Roman Empire and it is very possible that some of those who wondered ou tof the hills into the colonies had been there for generations. Also early colonies included New Sweden and New Amsterdam, they were Protestant (Catholics influenced by Viking culture ot be less sexist) like the New Englanders but less sexist and more egalitarian and less worshiping of the King of England. Thus America was founded...the only place where a race sacrificed its sons to free another race from slavery.
There can be other unions of couples, but there should be a more respected union ("Marriage") between an opposite gender couple who raise their own biological offspring, so that all understand the ultimate goal. Right now that goal is not taught so it is not especially respected.
When children are in middle school or so it is usual for each one to masturbate, which is gay, and during this time usually their friends are their own gender, so there are same sex feelings. Many go down that road because there are support groups that (at this vulnerable time) are inviting. Sad
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