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Are names necessary?
Right. I just wouldn't have any of the same protections.
I don't deny that Chick-Fil-A is a great company. They do amazing things for the community. I just wish Cathy would stop sending money to organizations that try to interfere with peoples' lives and use it instead to continue to build up the communities it is in.
And the first amendment didn't consider money as speech. Of course it's essentially the same, but I doubt the founder's considered that.
There is no problem with being intolerant of undue interference in peoples' lives.
This does make a convenient distraction from the faltering economy and growing poverty rate.
Some of us would love to live free lives. Unfortunately some people like to interfere with the lives of others...ie. keeping some of us from marrying.
But they do involve government interference in the lives of free individuals.
Marriage is a covenant between individuals. It's been around BEFORE government and the government has no right to meddle in the affairs of individuals and their churches.
Best troll I've seen all night.
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