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Bobby Jindal Addresses CPAC 2013

jander Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 7:38 PM
Who's pushing austerity? Is holding government growth to 3.4% instead of 5% austerity? Is reforming Medicare, Medicaid and SS austerity? These are serious issues affecting our countries long term debt. The Dems act like the problem doesn't even exist! Seriously, liberals always talk about paying it forward. These entitlements, or safety nets if that's what you choose to call them, aren't about paying it forward. They're about borrowing it forward. Until we get serious about these programs, 3.4% or 5% growth doesn't make much difference.

A press release from the ACU gives the latest update from CPAC. Here is what they had to say about Bobby Jindal:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal addressed a crowd of conservative activists at CPAC 2013 — the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Governor Bobby Jindal:

Governor Jindal started his remarks on a lighter note.

It’s great to see the new Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. My staff tells me we have a lot in common. From one Indian politician to another I want to wish her the...