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A Post-Post Office World

jander Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 6:55 PM
Seriously, who checks their mail more than once a week anyway? Most of what I receive is junk mail. There is nothing essential about Saturday delivery. These idiots that claim everybody has a right to something can f*^% off. Your right takes my money via taxes. If it's so important, pay for it yourself!

Even parts of government that look like a business never get run with the efficiency of a business. Just look at the post office.

They buy commercials and tout their services the way private businesses do. They offer a service that customers want.

But a real business can't get away with losing billions every year. (I guess in the era of bailouts, I should say shouldn't get away with it.) The post office lost $16 billion last year, despite having all sorts of advantages that most private businesses don't have.

They have a near monopoly on first-class mail delivery. You want...

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