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I Hate to Say I Told You So

Jan@Oasis Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 5:05 PM
If you pray as a Muslim, you are not praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Though that is the myth Muslims put forth to try to lure people into their sick ideology, it is patently untrue and would be an affront to our God and Christ. Please don't.
There are some whose hearts are permanently hardened against God and truth, and they will pay the price. Singer, I would venture to say, is definitely one of them.
You're just being silly. As if all heterosexuals mangle babies and toss them like garbage. Only lefties do that, and they are the ones who are always on YOUR side. And sorry Will, but homosexuality (the behavior) IS immoral, and as one rabbinical student once said, may be the worst sin of all since it disrupts God's plan for humanity which was to marry (one man and one woman) and multiply.
It is about the BABY, not the incubator.
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Gays for Late Term Abortion?

Jan@Oasis Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 1:37 PM
I would offer a different scenario, as a hospice RN. Instead of murdering the child in the womb, let this little soul be born, and let the parents hold (there are ways to do it) and comfort the baby for as long as they have him/her. When no hope is left, hospice will come in and make sure the baby is comfortable until the end. As he/she takes his/her last breath, it is in the arms of people who love and care for him/her beyond all else. THAT would be compassion. And this is assuming they even had a correct diagnosis; there have been many, many cases of prenatal testing that have resulted in false positives for various maladies. I should think giving your baby life and seeing him or her through whatever is to come would be far less guilt-inducing than butchering the child in the womb.
You are correct. I am a woman and an RN, a mother and a grandmother, and I do not even consider Wendy Davis a woman. She is a creature from some strange planet where even our stellar ultrasound technology, showing babies in the womb yawning, sucking their thumbs, hiccupping, etc. is not enough to make her hang her head in shame for trying to snuff out their lives. These people are cowardly, stupid and evil. Now remember, I am not a SPERM DONAR, I am a WOMAN!
I guess the safety standards don't extend to the babies about to be murdered?
Very true--and as I said earlier, NO ONE can dispute the humanity of the unborn child--at any stage--and the modern ultrasound capabilities make mincemeat out of any argument that this baby is "just a clump of cells." These people ARE monsters. No question.
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