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Women Increasingly Look to Romney to Fix Economy

jan2012 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 7:46 AM
Gov. Romney not only respects and values women in the workplace but he has always respected and valued Anne's job at home......very important to stay at home Moms

WASHINGTON -- The Obama campaign made a coldly calculated decision early this year to go after the women's vote by attacking Mitt Romney on his right-to-life position.

They put together ads targeting women that focused solely on abortion and contraceptives. And throughout the summer they ran them nonstop in a massive ad buy that significantly enlarged Barack Obama's lead among women voters.

While polls showed women were concerned with many other issues, such as a brutally high unemployment rate, the weak economy, deepening deficits and debt, and other domestic problems, the Obama men on the campaign saw women as single-issue voters and treated...