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Spot on, Anonymous, the most anemic response to this atrocity imaginable. AND, he is lying (again)--we know that the Koran calls for the murder of ALL infidels-- men, women and children--who refuse to convert to their psychopathological sickness. NO SURPRISE, not will it be a surprise when he does NOTHING about it, and nothing to save Steven Sotloff's life. God help him, and God rest James Foley.
Is he delusional?? The Koran CALLS for, DEMANDS the killing of infidels (anyone--man, woman or child) who do not knuckle under to the order to convert to islam. What is Obama going to do to save the life of the next man they are threatening to kill?
People hear about Nazi Germany and their unbelievable depravity, especially when it came to innocents. But look at Odumbo. He's all for letting babies die in pain if they survive an abortion. Is it such a stretch to see him comfortable with killing/letting die babies who are "less than" ? I'll answer my own question. No, not a stretch at all. I have a grandson who would be considered less than by the disgusting vermin on the left and the Vermin in Chief. Come over here and try it, Vermin. Easy to pick on defenseless babies, but if you have to take on a protective parent or grandparent you might not be so mouthy and "proud" of your support of torture and murder.
Yep, I do believe Marsha Blackburn brought the picture of the ultrasound to demonstrate that it's a B A B Y in there, doing his baby thing, waiting to be born and live the life God gave him. Just like all other babies. The picture certainly makes that clear, except maybe to idiots.
God DAMN you--I pray He does damn you straight to the waiting arms of your mentor, Satan himself. With Obama leading the way.
Ha! Mostly...never. I was a Labor and Delivery RN for years and never saw an instance where ABORTION was required to save the life or health of the mother. Early delivery is sometimes necessary in cases of severe toxemia, but those babies go to NICU and are more often than not saved and sent home healthy with grateful parents. These pro-death creeps (Obama is #1) give me fits. Abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE!!
I agree. I have never met a decent leftist. And we are already slaves. And come November, we will be even more enslaved because the dumbed down populace will vote in more Dems so they can get more free stuff. The ignorance of our voters, thanks to 40+ years of leftist control of our schools, is about to create the abyss our country will fall into, never to be heard of again.
In the case of the first Fort Hood shootings, it wasn't that this guy wasn't identified as a crazed muslim, it's that political correctness in the military has destroyed any inclination to call a terrorist a terrorist if he's muslim.
Since Odumbo is frequently inclined to wield his pen and sign all sorts of executive orders without the consent of either Congress or the people, why hasn't he penned a reversal of this shameful policy? Because he hates the military and he hates the United States. I don't believe he cares a whit if soldiers die preventable deaths.
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