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the problem with the whole "it'll take years..." argument is the same that has plagued the U.S. when it comes to energy policy. "It'll take years to build new oil rigs... it'll take years to build new nuclear power plants..." Well, in the years we've spent bemoaning how it could take so long, we could have already built them and been closer to energy independence, instead having to rely on oil from Canada and Mexico. Same issue with a new party comprised of the best of the GOP, leaving the "Democrat-lite" stuff in the "big tent". Since when is it wrong (or not "cool-headed" enough) to do something, simply on the basis of it requiring time and effort. Do you know where would be if nobody said, "you know - this slavery thing is bad, and neither the Democratic-Republicans or the Whigs are doing anything about it!" Among many other things (e.g., the Emancipation Proclamation), we would not have the Party of Lincoln and Reagan. Get with the program, and start using the ballot box correctly - as the only weapon "we the people" have against corrupt, lazy, morally- and philosophically-bankrupt elected officials.
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Vulgarians On The Loose!

Jamie195 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 1:49 PM
So, all these women lined up in front of the Michigan statehouse to yell about their privates, and it's considered liberating and authentic and what-not. Does that mean that a bunch of men would be similarly empowered to show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and yell "[male part of the anatomy]" ? Just wonderin'...
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