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Only ideologically approved choices will be deemed choices.
Paul Ryan says that 85% of Obamacare can be "repealed" through the reconciliation process? What would that matter if the framework is left in place. Remember, most of the ACA isn't substantive reform, it's procedural reform. Most of what it does is provide a regulatory scheme which authorizes the H&HS to whimsically write "rules." So even if the substantive elements are repealed, the regulatory scheme remains in place.
Because the media will report that the GOP shut down the government because they hate women and children of color.
The best argument for not reinstating the filibuster. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/392404/leave-nuked-filibuster-alone-quin-hillyer
The filibuster at issue doesn't pertain to the legislative process. Only nominations.
The filibuster in this issue doesn't pertain to legislation. Only nominations.
Why Amnesty Activists Will Never Stop Heckling Obama? Well, anyone who understands the "revolutionary spirit" knows that "the issue is never the issue," as David Horowitz puts it in "Occupy Unmasked." For Marxian radicals, "revolution" is both the means AND the ends. So there will never be a point at which there is enough. The blaze of the "revolutionary spirit" burns indiscriminately, and not at a deliberative pace. So it eventually engulfs everything in its path, before inevitably consuming itself.
The "American dream?" Who's Chuck-U? Anyone who has read the Progressive playbook (anything written by Marx and Engels) would know that their end game is the dismantling and abolition of the middle class because it is under-girded and bolstered by every socio-civic institution they deem to be a form of slavery.
"She's on the right side of history," Wagoner said. "It's pretty clear where history's heading on this issue." Apparently Jack Wagoner has a very limited view of history, if any at all. If he had read Carle Zimmerman's "Family and Civilization," he'd know that he and Judge Baker are already on the wrong side of history. History is last thing progressives want you to learn.
To call Francis' comments on capitalism a "critique" is intellectually charitable, to say the least. I've never read something that is ostensibly "serious" to be so riddled with logical fallacies since Das Kapital.
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