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Discussing what this empty suit does is fruitless. He is a pupped. The strings are manipulated by the crony capitalist corporations he rails against all the time while handing out favors behind the scenes. You had better look behind the curtain to try to see who is manipulating the puppet.
I can remember the Global Cooling crowd. And I have a folder in my library that contains a declassified CIA Study of the Effect of Global Cooling dated Aug 1974. According to that analysis we should now be fighting wars for food since most of the world is too cold to grow food. Alarmist, who get grants to create studies from the government, start with a preconceived conclusion and then create their own facts to support that conclusion. Nothing new her folks.
Fat Al gave up on that scheme. Got out of the Carbon Credit Trading business. When a "true believer" or fraud? like Fat Al gives up on making his millions into billions, you have to know the future of global warming is bleak.
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Crushing the Middle Class

James T.2 Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 11:37 AM
The vast majority of the political class are examples of the Peter Principal: promoted to their level of incompetence. All Republics collapse. It is our turn. We are rapidly becoming a third world s?i?h?le. I am glad I am as old as I am and will not live to see what this once free nation becomes.
Really bad things happen when great nations die slowly, and being great, they do go through a long and agonizing death. The "poverty pimps" as J. C. Watts labeled them, black,white, yellow and red are setting minorities up for disasters during the decline of this once great Republic. Scape goats become neccesities for demagogues during such times. This is going to be the long term legacy of Obama's pursuit of dividing the country in every way possible. Divide and conquer is the oldest strategy or tactic in history. During the collapse, the strong will oppress the weak. Does anyone really think that the inhabitants of Uncle Sam's Plantation will be the stronger side. Maybe in numbers but organization, arms, intelligent leadership and morale are far more important than numbers.
Better yet read the discussions during the founding period. There is a complete record of all the debate and discussion of intent and possible effect of every word. But Americans are the least knowlegeable of their history than any people in the workl.
And you can bet the farm that Congress will never relinquish an existing tax. More taxes coming in, more incentive to buy votes with tax money. NO VAT!
The Republic went to hell under Andrew Jackson (an early Democrat). Prior to that time to vote you had to inherit property and be intelligent enough to keep it going or be man enough to go into the wilderness with an axe and a rifle and create new property. Universal male sufferage gave the vote to people with no skin in the game and further expanding sufferage has only made the situation worse.
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Honest Examination of Race

James T.2 Wrote: May 08, 2013 11:42 AM
And the hills of Arkansas are strewn with unwed mothers getting all the "benefits" of the welfare state. Impregnated at 14-16 by some ridge runner who already has a couple of children drawing welfare and not married to their mother. With a harem of what blacks are now calling "baby mommies", they can live of the women's and childrens benefits. All Anglo Saxon white trash! This system destroys all.
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Old and in the Way

James T.2 Wrote: May 02, 2013 1:47 PM
Forty years ago an officer in the Pentagon has a sign over his desk, Dinosaur and Proud of It. Someone commented he should add : And Unemployable. It was true 40 years ago. The world moves on. You either gain skills and adapt or perish. It has ever been this way. I do think the mindless twitter and social networks will go by the wayside in the future. No one needs or wants to know about every pimple and disappointment. We are monitored too the n-teenth degree already. When the hundreds of acres of data storage buildings in AZ are completed, the government will be able to compile your dosier from credit cards, on line banking and business transactions, and every one of these electronic devices you use. Your life will be open to all
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Are We Believing Lies?

James T.2 Wrote: May 02, 2013 1:22 PM
Canned food, ammunition, medical supplies and all the other daily neccessities will be the "money" in this country much sooner than most can believe.
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