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Liberal Media: Michelle Obama Is Totally Not Out of Touch in that $6,800 Shirt

JamesJr Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 1:45 PM
I hear you, my brother and his wife are not quite wealthy but are very well off (both surgeons) and they dress their only daughter in expensive clothes that she outgrows in no time. I ask my bro why a pair of Keds and Toughskins like we used to wear is not good enough and he just kinda rolls his eyes knowlingly as he motions towards his wife.

Remember when the Washington Post slammed Ann Romney and called Mitt Romney's presidential campaign "out of touch" after she wore a $990 shirt during an interview with CBS?

Does Ann Romney wear her $990 designer shirt while driving one of her two Cadillacs?

The very wealthy Mitt and Ann Romney have often been painted as out of touch with average Americans. Ann’s pricey shirt will not help her husband change those perceptions, no matter how many Laundromat photo ops are on the campaign’s daily itinerary.

On Tuesday Ann wore a colorful...