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The Tyranny of Good Intentions at U.S. Colleges

JamesInOhio Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 6:33 PM
I would question the title of Mr. Barone's piece. Some affirmative action programs may have started with good intentions. But campus speech codes were never in any way based on good intentions.
In 1902, journalist Lincoln Steffens wrote a book called "The Shame of the Cities." At the time, Americans took pride in big cities, with their towering skyscrapers, productive factories and prominent cultural institutions.

Steffens showed there were some rotten things underneath the gleaming veneers -- corrupt local governments and political machines, aided and abetted by business leaders.

In recent weeks, two books have appeared about another of America's gleaming institutions, our colleges and universities, either of which could be subtitled "The Shame of the Universities."

In "Mismatch," law professor Richard Sander and journalist Stuart Taylor expose, in the words of their...