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An interesting and valuable column. Karl Rove's core weakness, I think, is that while he has an immense talent for the political strategy of elections, he doesn't really understand political ideology or governing nearly as well. But to suggest that he or Lee Atwater are comparable, from the standpoint of political cruelty or dishonor, to Axelrod etc., is ridiculous.
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Are We Headed for a Fight with China?

JamesInOhio Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:53 AM
Can't see much basis for Mr. Chapman's preference for China's foreign policy over the United States' foreign policy. The U.S. goes to war against mass-murdering dictators, China supports these dictators at every turn and sells them the earth-moving equipment for any needed mass graves. If Afghanistan-based terrorists had flown planes into skyscrapers in Peking, China would have flattened the entire country and annexed it.
The Cleveland Clinic has already announced a policy of increasing health insurance premiums for its employees who don't meet weight guidelines.
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