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Both the Republican Establishment and the Tea Party have their own natural vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The establishment types get too caught up in their own self-importance and the creature comforts of being well-compensated Washington insiders (see, Republican class of 1994). That's human nature. The Tea Party lets its enthusiasm and political inexperience lead it to rash decisions (see, Christine O'Donnell, Richard Mourdock, and the Defund Obamacare government shutdown). That's human nature, too. Each side needs the other, e.g., the Republicans don't win the House in 2010 without the Tea Party, and the Tea Party gets much less of what it wants with Harry Reid running the Senate than it would if Mitch McConnell were running the Senate. For either side to talk nastily about the other is pointless and counter-productive. The Democrats are the real opponent that must be defeated. That has to be the top priority.
Great idea, all except the last paragraph. Don't muddy up your tax suggestion with spending issues. Just make Obama accept or reject a clean tax bill.
Why not pass one clean tax bill, say, on Christmas Eve, that simply maintains the current tax rates for everyone except those with an income over $1,000,000? (Rather than $250,000, as demanded). Send the bill to the Senate and go home for the holidays. This cuts against the "millionaires and billionaires" propaganda, and makes the Senate and President decide whether they want to kill the lower rates at such a late hour, very publicly, just to stick it to small businesses in the $250K to $1 million range.
How dare you use actual data! Red-baiter!
I would question the title of Mr. Barone's piece. Some affirmative action programs may have started with good intentions. But campus speech codes were never in any way based on good intentions.
Florida idea may be worth trying but more needed is (1) shortening of the primary season and debate runup season and (2) refusing to accept any left-of-center debate moderators (the Dems don't accept right -of-center moderators for theirs).
Every Republican voter who "gives up" is effectively casting a vote for the Democrat.
This column could have been written by Hillary Clinton. Awwh,the true yearning of the Chinese leadership is for democracy. They're just playing the long game. Sometimes you have to break 50 million eggs to make an omelet. If only those evil Europeans hadn't interrupted the proud 6,000 year Chinese march to democracy. And if Hamas wants to return to being an accepted member of the international community, it will have to reduce the number of Israeli children it murders by 25%, at least for a little while. Earth to Ralph Benko, Earth to Ralph Benko.
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A Losing Immigration Strategy

JamesInOhio Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 3:37 PM
Mr. Chapman neglects to mention some of the other factors that have contributed to the present situation: A vast increase in the quantity and leniency of social programs, especially in California; the activities of the ACLU and other liberal groups that have lengthened many deportation cases into years-long affairs; failure to complete the border fence, so that though crossing at traditional high-volume spots has been made more difficult, crossing at remote spots has not; the threat of Al Quaida and similar groups getting operatives into the country via the border since 9/11/01. Mr. Chapman's preference is apparently open borders in a country with a vast welfare state. Doesn't sound promising.
An interesting and valuable column. Karl Rove's core weakness, I think, is that while he has an immense talent for the political strategy of elections, he doesn't really understand political ideology or governing nearly as well. But to suggest that he or Lee Atwater are comparable, from the standpoint of political cruelty or dishonor, to Axelrod etc., is ridiculous.
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