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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

James B. Davis Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 1:23 PM
Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano take the libertarian point of view, ie, it's my body (or my child's body) and I can do, or not do, whatever I want with it or to it. But the libertarian philosophy grants that one of the limited roles of government includes the responsibility to defend the country from external AND internal threats. Illness or death caused by exposure to diseases carried by unvaccinated people is an internal threat that warrants government protection. If parents do not wish to vaccinate their children, then the children should not be allowed to attend public or private schools at any level.
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The Persians Are Coming!

James B. Davis Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 1:07 PM
Pat wrote "The U.S. intelligence community has twice said Iran has no nuclear bomb program. And the most recent finding, 2011, has never been reversed by the Director of National Intelligence." This is the same intelligence community, along with those of many other nations, that said that Saddam Hussein absolutely had weapons of mass destruction. So why does Pat Buchanan accept their conclusions regarding Iran without question? While I don't disagree with Pat's argument, it has to be based on factual information, not guesses or speculation.
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Rideshare Risk Requires Regulation

James B. Davis Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 12:14 PM
We need more companies like Uber with less regulation, not more. It should not cost $1 million to get a cab medallion in NYC, it should take nothing more than a valid commercial drivers license, proof of liability insurance, and a small registration fee. Most taxis are not clean, the drivers are not friendly, and they take advantage of out of town customers. Uber shows up quickly, you can see who is picking you up before they arrive, the cars are very clean, the drivers are friendly, they use GPS for directions and the fares are significantly less, i.e. exactly what the customers wants. Even this so called conservative wants to increase nanny type regulations so that we have less choice about how we travel in the cities. Consumers are intelligent enough to understand the choices they have and the risk of each choice and they should be allowed to make the choice they want.
So instead of presumed "loser" Jeb Bush, Schlichter is pushing actual "two time loser" Mitt Romney or Christie, neither of whom is a conservative. We might as well concede 2016 right now.
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

James B. Davis Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 2:36 PM
China is never going to start a war with the U.S. or with countries we support. They simply can't afford to do so. The immediate impact of a Chinese initiated war would be that most trading partners would no longer purchase Chinese goods, causing the quick collapse of their economy and the risk of the wrath of their own population.
The first thing that came to mind when I saw the photos of Loretta Lynch is that she strongly favors the leaner, meaner Reverend Al Sharpton. Maybe they are twins.
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Goodbye, Columbus

James B. Davis Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 12:53 PM
The ultimate irony is that but for the discovery of this continent by Columbus and other European explorers, most of those who are critical of them would not even exist. Due to intermarriage between indigenous peoples and the Europeans, there have been few indigenous peoples in Central and South America for centuries. Happy Columbus Day.
Perspective. According to a 2010 national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Department of Justice, more men than women were victims of intimate partner physical violence and over 40% of severe physical violence was directed at men. Men were also more often the victim of psychological aggression and control over sexual or reproductive health. Despite this, few services are available to male victims of intimate partner violence. On a personal basis, my wife is a successful real estate developer who employs a a lot of people and is the poster woman for a strong, independent, successful woman. This morning I asked her "If you had a good employee who had hit his wife like the football player did would you fire him?" She said "Of course not. While I do not approve of the behavior, it has nothing to do with my business or his performance as an employee. It is between him and the woman. There are criminal and civil penalties available to her and society. Involving the NFL in this is ridiculous."
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Paul Ryan Has Answer for Ferguson

James B. Davis Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 9:23 AM
Based on his new book, Paul Ryan is now a full member of the Washington Republican establishment. He is more interested in accumulating power than in what the people want. He has become an arrogant advocate for the we (Congress) know best and the people be damned position. He advocates getting rid of the mortgage deduction, which would kill the housing market and create great financial hardship for many people. It's time to replace Paul Ryan with someone who truly cares about, and represents, "we the people."
Every opportunity I get I personally thank police officers for protecting us. They are the line between us and the Ferguson mobs. That's what the country would look like if we did not have police. For the few police officers who may act inappropriately, there are thousands who stand up and do the right thing every day. They deserve our appreciation and respect.
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