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Thank you. I read the article completely, then moved a bit further for peer review and other points of view. Apparently Dean Hamer's research has been thoroughly debunked, see http://fathersforlife.org/gay_issues/gay_gene.htm. In addition, a review of his work and associates found that many of the researchers involved in this type of project are themselves gay. Not saying that gay people can't be good scientists, just wondering about bias and self interest.
Stating that "Some people are clearly "born" gay and have always been attracted to the same sex" provides support to the theory that there is a genetic component, i.e. a "gay" gene. I have never seen any study that supports this theory. I'm not saying that most people choose to be gay, as many studies show sexual orientation is developed at a relatively early age. But please, don't distort science and provide support for false claims by implying that some people are born gay.
The Holocaust happened over 70 years ago, should we just get over that too? Is it not okay to mourn the killing of millions of unborn human beings? Is any law that is over 40 years old okay...no matter what the result?
Let Judge Daniel L. Hovland exactly how you feel about his ruling. His address, phone numbers and emails are below. U.S. District Court, District of North Dakota 220 East Rosser Avenue, Suite 411 Bismarck, ND 58502-0670 email: ndd_J-Hovland@ndd.uscourts.gov Phone: 701.530.2320 FAX: 701.530.2325
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Facts and Factions

James B. Davis Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 12:40 PM
Let us hope that Dr. Sowell decides to follow his own advice and stops beating up Senator Ted Cruz.
Read Vince Flynn's Term Limits for the answer to the McCain, Schumer et al problem.
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

James B. Davis Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 12:26 PM
I have supported Dr. Sowell's work at the Hoover Institute for many years with annual restricted contributions. He is one of the most articulate experts on economics, race and culture alive, with the ability to explain complex issues with clarity, always backed up with extensive citations. These recent posts regarding Senator Cruz, who I regard as a bright light in a deep dark well, seem out of character, and even personal. Senator Cruz represents everything that Dr. Sowell professes to believe in, and he clearly has not been sucked into the morass that is Washington, DC. He is "Mr. Smith goes to Washington," representing not only the people who elected him but all the people. With his personal attacks on Senator Cruz, Dr. Sowell appears to be supporting the milquetoast establishment Republicans. We have already proven, with the election of Senator's Cruz and Rubio and others, that true conservatives can win elections. There are times to be cautious, and times to rush boldly into the fight. I think this is the time to fight.
As a conservative first, Republican second, who is tired of holding my nose and voting for candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney, I would join Ann Coulter by either voting for Clinton over McCain or sitting out the election for the first time in my life. Not sure where the McCain vs Clinton match up idea came from. Haven't heard it anywhere else and maybe Ann through it out there to make a point, i.e. conservatives are tired of the poor candidates that the RNC is putting up. We don't want Romney, McCain, Christie, or Bush...we want a strong conservative who will blow up the aisle instead of reaching across it.
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A Blank Check For War on Iran

James B. Davis Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 12:50 PM
"Are we being as misled, deceived and lied to about Iran's "weapons of mass destruction," as we were about Iraq's?" 1) Mr. Buchanan certainly knows that ALL of the Western world's security agencies believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, i.e. there was no lie, just no weapons. 2) If these agencies failed in their reports about Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction, why in the world would Mr. Buchanan trust the very same agencies to provide a valid report about Iran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons? If they were wrong about Iraq, why would he consider them right about Iran? 3) What will Mr. Buchanan say when first, a mushroom cloud appears over Tel Aviv and subsequently Tehran disappears in a counter attack by Israel? Just asking.
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Ryan Saves GOP From Itself

James B. Davis Wrote: Dec 16, 2013 2:56 PM
Did Paul Ryan's budget deal save the Republican party from itself? I think it did not. I think it means true Conservatives will finalize realize that traditional Republicans have no respect for them and simply take their votes for granted. I'm tired of holding my nose and voting for moderate Republicans like McCain and Romney. I'm tired of people like Boehner and Ryan making deals with the liberals to make them feel better. I'm looking for a Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul to lead us out of the wasteland that is the current GOP. We need strong leaders who will take principled Conservative positions and then defend and promote them. If the GOP puts up Chris Christy, Paul Ryan or God forbid Jeb Bush for President, then I will not vote for a President for the first time in 45 years.
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