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They are anecdotal because the law is working overall. Costs falling and millions more insured. Where are all the predicted catastrophes?
Anti-ACA people were saying everything was going to implode 3 years ago. What's happened? Health care cost increases are slowing down and millions more have insurance. Yep, sounds like an implosion.
@Derek85 - Wrong, per the CBO, facts, etc., re: health care costs. You were saying those same things back in 2009, I guarantee it, and it hasn't happened. Cost increases are on an overall downward curve. In the next few years they will actually start going down and even more people will be covered. Sorry that Ebola is not a pandemic in the U.S. and sorry that the ACA is working.
It's not what the administration says, or the Tea Party, it's the CBO. Costs aren't rising the way they used to and more and more people have insurance. As more people have insurance, more people will be healthy which can eventually lead to costs actually going down. Sorry that Ebola won't be an outbreak in the U.S. and sorry that the ACA is actually working.
It takes a while to turn a battleship around. Success begins with addressing the rate of cost increase which had completely skyrocketed. Since 2011, cost increases in health care have been the lowest in over a decade, even with so many more people now getting insurance/health care. What will you people say in three years when the health care spending is actually curving lower as millions more have coverage and people are actually healthier? While the law's roll out was pathetic and right wingers have succeeded in the message game, almost everyone likes the specifics of the law when asked and none of the catastrophes that were predicted re: the ACA have come true. There's anecdotal stories on both sides, people who have gained coverage or lost coverage, but facts are facts. More and more people are obtaining health care and going to see doctors. I thought the health care system would have collapsed already, taking the economy with it? Doctor shortage? Nobody on this thread, of course, would ever want to discuss the predictions that were made. It's laughable and history will reflect it as such.
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Father of Obamacare Makes a "Speak-O"

JamesB. Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 1:01 AM
While Larry Elder is, I believe, an excellent person personally, His politics are in his rear end. Luckily, the ACA is working. Millions more with coverage, health care costs increasing less and less and interestingly, all the hysterical things predicted about the law, the effect on the economy, etc. have not come true. In fact, helping people be more healthy creates jobs and saves money in the long run. Where is the predicted Obamacare catastrophe? Where are the explosion in premiums? 4% GDP last quarter? If you rolled the tape back to 2009-10 and revisited all the hors*it hysteria rolled out by conservatives, it would be an evening of laughs. Conservatives don't even like talking about health care anymore because the law is working and they've offered no real alternative.
I know you despise positive economic news when a black guy is in the White House but facts are stubborn things.
Great news for America = disaster for right wing nutters. It's fun, yet pathetic at the same time to read the b.s. excuses.
Oh, the humanity! Great economic news for America equals disaster for right wing nutters. 288,000 jobs plus upward revisions for the previous two months. Homina, homina. But wait, what about the labor force participation rate?!!!!
The ACA will be a net gain for Democrats in `14. Call it Obamacare, it's unpopular. Lay out what it does and show how many people have healthcare now, it's very popular. Right wingers lose, America wins.
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