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Yep, you nailed it. Rep. Mike Rogers (R) is a socialist Obama stooge.
Sorry, it was a Republican led committee. But the truth that it debunks all the right wing nutters for the 7th time still stands.
@RiffRaff - "AP screed?" They are reporting the story. If it's a screed and so far off, what other interpretation of the report would you have? And if the AP is so in the tank, why are no conservative outlets saying "this report has Obama and Hillary on the hook for Benghazi cover up," lies, deception, etc.? You make no sense.
Oh, so now Rep. Rogers (R) is a Socialist Obama hack. got it.
That's not what was reported in the Republican led committee's findings but you are free to believe in made up stuff.
AP is simply reporting the results of the Republican led committee. Why would you be taking AP to task? What other interpretation of the committee's finding would you have reported? That there were lies and cover ups? That would be what the report said did DID NOT HAPPEN.
And the South shall rise again.
You should have been on the Republican-led committee, darn it.
The AP is merely reporting on the Republican led investigation. You people are truly laughable. The comments on this thread, brazenly denying the obvious, are almost amazing to read.
Keep dreaming. You're wrong .
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