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Father of Obamacare Makes a "Speak-O"

JamesB. Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 1:01 AM
While Larry Elder is, I believe, an excellent person personally, His politics are in his rear end. Luckily, the ACA is working. Millions more with coverage, health care costs increasing less and less and interestingly, all the hysterical things predicted about the law, the effect on the economy, etc. have not come true. In fact, helping people be more healthy creates jobs and saves money in the long run. Where is the predicted Obamacare catastrophe? Where are the explosion in premiums? 4% GDP last quarter? If you rolled the tape back to 2009-10 and revisited all the hors*it hysteria rolled out by conservatives, it would be an evening of laughs. Conservatives don't even like talking about health care anymore because the law is working and they've offered no real alternative.
I know you despise positive economic news when a black guy is in the White House but facts are stubborn things.
Great news for America = disaster for right wing nutters. It's fun, yet pathetic at the same time to read the b.s. excuses.
Oh, the humanity! Great economic news for America equals disaster for right wing nutters. 288,000 jobs plus upward revisions for the previous two months. Homina, homina. But wait, what about the labor force participation rate?!!!!
The ACA will be a net gain for Democrats in `14. Call it Obamacare, it's unpopular. Lay out what it does and show how many people have healthcare now, it's very popular. Right wingers lose, America wins.
You're an incoherent moron.
The report by the taxpayer funded, supposed impartial, investigation by Christie's lawyers is a poorly written joke. How anybody can support this fat clown is beyond me.
Christie used his own personal lawyer and lawyers to conduct a supposedly impartial investigation which completely exonerated him, even though the lawyers interviewed none of the principals involved. Taxpayer money, to boot. Did you you miss all that?
You are absolutely correct.
That's why you're just some person commenting on a thread versus someone in the position to give advice in a scandal. Your strategy for Christie is just a preposterous as the one he's employed.
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