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Nazi Germany was not legal, its Constitutional government was over-thrown by a dictator who knew how to manipulate the people. Damn that sounds familiar!
He was a senior lecturer (not nearly the same as a Teacher's Aide) who was invited to join the faculty full-time, but declined because he wanted to pursue politics. Well there you go, another Obama failure.
Gawd! Sorry about the horrible grammar.
She still a still loves the sun and sand regardless if it's in Texas or North Crolina.
Only newspaper I ever saw that was free on a rig and was never read.
Now that is sick!
It's a trust a confidence issue with the current and past, "leadership" of this nation. I have not confidence or trust that government will do anything other than stupid.
This is the same paper that supported Negan with his Chocolate N.O. comments.
Why are the still living in filth... Because they put their faith in leaders like Obama
You know, if Ebola was spreading as fast as some people would have you believe then the entire US would be suffering, not from some Liberian but from all the oil industry workers returning home daily.
Safer in West Africa than in Dallas maybe?
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