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As "science avenger" clearly demonstrates.
So you're all for "presecuting" someone for what they write or say.
Nice Len, a little logic, a little history to make your point, well done.
Milt you have no idea what my thought process is, I simply corrected a post that I thought was incorrect and you attacked me. You're seem like one angry individual.
Milt the man said it would only take one "bomb" denoted in the atmosphere to destroy the nation. That is incorrect and is nothing more than urban legend. Yes 20 or 30 properly placed large yeild weapons could take out the grid. Now your lack of common sense is another matter.
Little milt what do you care it seems your only focus is on the back side of an a$$
That's all true buzz so how does trying to perserve the institution make one a coward?
Listen Milt I simply stated facts. Sorry that offends you and what is this fascination you have with your 3rd point of contact. I bet you and we-willi get along real fine.
It would take more than one, in fact it would take quite a few with large megaton yields.
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