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Cruz has more than just "good intentions". He is doing the right thing and he is doing what his base wants. Why is it that when some one like Cruz does the right thing, people like you declare him rogue and dismiss his actions instead of supporting his pro-constitutional stance.
Read Levin Liberty Amendments, he pushes for term limits also.
15 round Mags are pretty common, most are modified 10, or 12 rounds mags that have been extended.
Black-Manson may get his war.
Go to Church, Pray, and then prepare.
Another AP story about a non-canidate. I wonder who on the TH staff loves to push the guy?
It's about an Article V convention and by the time enough support is gathered to effect one Obama will be out of office, or so we hope.
When was the last time the Majority of Pols in the Federal Government obeyed the letter of the Constitution?
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