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Wee-Willi never uses his mind but only his head.
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The Good News About Offshore Oil Rigs

James____Tx Wrote: 15 hours ago (9:58 AM)
Well said FF. Fishing around rigs has been a go to for gulf anglers for decades and now some study shows up confirming the obvious, Well I know, now that the word is out that I will never give out my lat/longs of the reefed jacket locations off the coast.
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Federal Persecutors

James____Tx Wrote: 23 hours ago (1:58 AM)
Courts, are above the law as long as its officers adhere to the party line. Corruption is the rule of the land and a court with integrity is hard to find.
You'd make a fine Texan! Try getting into the Oil industry; I work with a lot of nufies who managed to get a work visa and green card that way.
Ad15 There is more to the oil world than just production. There is exploration, drilling to find the new deposits, emplacement of infrastructure to recover and transport the oil; production is just a small part of the pie and revenue from production is used to finance the before mentioned activities where most of the jobs are.
If you're educated and can add to society most likely not.
This is not just Alinsky tactics but a well proven method used by all murdering dictators over the centuries.
Glad I moved to Texas 30 odd years ago. I do miss the Panhandle though.
If only....."sigh", it'll never happen.
"we put ad idiot Marxist" What this "we" stuff.
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