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Report: ISIS Studying Mexican Border

James____Tx Wrote: 6 hours ago (10:29 PM)
Oath Keepers just issued am alert. BP has been issued with alerts to watch the border in the vic of El Paso for car bombs.
What it matter gw, the Constitution has been suspended by the Obama regime, the lack of action by Congress and the Judicial to hold Obama responsible for his criminal actions.
It doesn't matter what powers The Constitution gives the house when you have a president who directs his agencies to ignore the constitution. It will take Congress, and the Judicial to stop him.
We simply don't have the leadership that Newt provided. Thus the indirect tactics of wait and see coming from the house today.
gw are you a Democrat operative? I've seen you do nothing but bash Republicans on three strings today.
Lois defends and loves people like Nidal Hasan, this explains her love for BHA!
Lois yoy can't debunk the facts, but you can stick your head in the sand. Have at it, the Caliph-n-Chief is waiting for you.
Thank god for the all knowing, all perfect, all conquering GOP! Fook those nasty, evil TEAs, libertarians, conservatives, constitutionalist..... Hell their not Republicans anyway.
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