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Yeah he is an arrogant individual, not that being arrogant is all that bad, but when you use arrogance to cover ignorance that's when it becomes a problem. Sleep well
Hint: A, E, I, O...Sorry the smartas in me came out there for a moment. :)
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The Good News About Offshore Oil Rigs

James____Tx Wrote: 9 hours ago (11:03 PM)
Yup and now the "secret" is out damn it! :)
Everybody needs a good laugh, all she needs is motley and bells on her shoes.
Obama is going to fix Texas with his FU-Amnesty program, so no need to wait for the West coast/East coast leftist to arrive.
"i suspect democrats will throw honesty and ethics to the wind". Do they even have the integrity, and ethics to throw to the wind. I mean you can't throw away something you don't have.
I don't think it's so dramatic; watching Democrats fight is more like a slap fight, "Oh you hit me, ah'he, you're such a meanie".
Let's just hope the wave makes it to the ballot box.
Who do you think runs Children's Protective Services?
Wee-Willi never uses his mind but only his head.
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