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So Taft what Islamic country have you decided to visit and proclaim yourself?
Where is the Quaran's new testiment , Taft?
You're right, I'm running late for church anyway.
Daft Turkey is not Muslim governed by its constitution but it is headed that way. Again take your third point of contact over and proclaim yourself. Hell try a moderate country like Malayisa; see what happens.
So you think that Obama is a prominent atheist. Funny I alway thought he was a muslim declaring himself christian while he acts agnostic.
Taft talking about Honesty and integrity is like saying "Obama is an honest man with integrity". Just pure BS.
BS Taft I've seen these areas myself in Belgium.
Would you prefer the Foreign policy of McCain or Obama in contrast?
Taft if you honestly believe in the peace of Mohamed fly over to any Muslim-governed country and proclaim yourself Christian, Gay, Atheist...I promise you that you want have to wait long before you're prosecuted.
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