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*we don't get the same results
*Government doesn't
When are people going to figure out that Government don't create real (producing) jobs. Only a strong FREE economy can produce well paying jobs that lift people out of poverty. Government can only stop, delay, and strangle a healthy economy which has been proven time and again in history.
Thats not saying much about the USA. Lets just hope we don't same results in the end.
Has Russia in it long and diverse history ever had a "healthy" form of government?
Maybe the POS went too far this time. It would not be the first time that the 2nd amendment took down a stupid politician. I just wished folks were so adamant about the rest of the Constitution.
Cuomo is not going to give on this and the only solution will be for N. Yorkers to vote out Cuomo and the state legislature. Considering the electorate NY I don't see that happening.
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