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He ceased to be the President of this nation when he violated his oath of office and when he sided with one ethnic group. As I said he occupies the office but he is not the President. If ever, anyone was allowed to properly investigate Obama he would be occupying a jail cell.
How does that disapprove the fact. What a better way to embarrass the Obama administration, who by the way was trying to cover this incident up. Thanks for supporting the facts.
Your wrong on one point and right on another. Obama occupies the Presidency but he is not my President. On your 2nd point; we do not need Obama to be martyred, his record and crimes must stand to be judged by history.
"low moral" that would be my guess. If you had to protect a turd you would have low moral too.
Incompetent is the hallmark of the Obama regime!
"Rightfully elected", are you so sure about that?
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James____Tx Wrote: 20 hours ago (5:56 AM)
What's the difference between the socialist system the Germans were running at the time and the Socialist Democracies currently in the EU now? Is not the EU the very embodiment of what the Germans were trying to accomplish in 1914?
Now that's the underlying truth to the story right there!
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