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A good company can find their employees work oversea when things get slow here. We had a little practice with that during the Obama moratorium in 2010.
Bravo! I'm sure all the little children in the world would applaud your unique reply. :).
Aw come Right, we all need a good laugh watching two grown men argue over what color the air is.
Doberwhaterver you're no better than the Google spammers on here. Jesh talking about obtuse!
Nazi Germany was not legal, its Constitutional government was over-thrown by a dictator who knew how to manipulate the people. Damn that sounds familiar!
He was a senior lecturer (not nearly the same as a Teacher's Aide) who was invited to join the faculty full-time, but declined because he wanted to pursue politics. Well there you go, another Obama failure.
Gawd! Sorry about the horrible grammar.
She still a still loves the sun and sand regardless if it's in Texas or North Crolina.
Only newspaper I ever saw that was free on a rig and was never read.
Now that is sick!
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