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"A paid government employee (with pension)" GASP! Apparently you don't know sh!t about the military.
Regardless of your half truths here are the facts; The Economy is still in decline but Obama-da-great thinks he has saved it. Obama created Isis by directing the CIA to train "moderate rebels". The list of destructive Obama facts is just too long for this forum.
It would take hours of research to answer that question.
The Public has no idea of the capabilites the CIA posses not to mention the fact that operations are highly isolated to prevent compromise.
arpiem, very true, and one thing that little Andy does not understand is Reagan did not want to ,"deliver the goods", but get government out of peoples lives, in this he was successful.
-There is no moderation in 18 trillion$ debt. -There is no moderation in 600 plus page laws. -There is no moderation in a growing and unconstrained bureaucracy. -There is no moderation in corruption
Where= were. Jesh!
Foolish pols have forgotten or choose to ignore basics economics. Taxing an economy is a debit from the econonmy. So the economy contracts unless the economy is growing to overcome the contraction all taxation does is decrease "revenue". Another words you can only beats your slaves so much to get them to work harder.
Nos you live in Uganda?
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