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Holder to be Slapped With Fast and Furious Lawsuit During August Recess

James761 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 12:46 PM
Oh, I think they were aware of how bad it could get...They relied on the People to keep government on the straight & narrow. In that respect, we've failed. But the sleeping giant is awakening & true remedy is on the way, for restoring Constitutional order over those who obligate themselves to an Oath of Office under Public Trust. Accountability is coming...I only wonder if it's coming in time to prevent even a temporary anarchy.

Congress may be heading out for recess today but that isn't stopping the House Republicans from moving forward with a civil contempt of Congress lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder.

"We'll be filing a civil case during the break," Issa told NBC, "We will expect a day in court before a federal judge, which we have a 100 percent chance that the judge will hold that these documents should be delivered."

The lawsuit will be reviewed by a judge who will assess whether Holder has an obligation to comply with a 22-part Congressional subpoena that...