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More accurately, YOU order a pizza, but the Democrats (and ONLY the Democrats) at the next table bribed the waiter to bring you a turd sandwich.
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Impeaching Holder is a Good First Start

James761 Wrote: May 23, 2013 3:49 AM
To be honest, if we can't stomach his (& by extension, the rest of the government) lies now, what makes you think we could stomach him if he goes soylent green?
The problem is that liberals speak in terms only of absolute relativity...They can't find any "common point of reference" to make a stand, so reality itself becomes relative. Since they have no point of reference, they're dangerous because they feel they can attack from ANY direction. They don't response to truth or facts because that's what sane people rely upon for a point of reference common to ALL people-The fact that we are all human beings seems to get lost for them & they believe themselves to be superior...ELITE among themselves. If you engage a liberal in conversation, MAKE THEM stick to a common point of reference before you continue the discussion...If they refuse, then they are rejecting the real world & should be committed.
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Party Wages War on GOP Voters

James761 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 5:11 AM
I've read at least 3 different articles from this website today & you have sonsistantly been posting more than any other single name, but haven't even been able to copy/paste ANYTHING on topic with the article. Your keyboard has more keys than just Control, C & V, ya' know.
You, Mr. or Ms., have absolutely no knowledge of history being consistently repeated: In every country where any government that was successful in disarming its people, the government INITIATED mass slaughters of its citizens. Every nation, every time period, this trend of government committing mass murder is consistently reliable. We've already had a few government-initiated "dress rehearsal" slaughters here in America...Just do a search on Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge to see for yourself.
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The First Church of Obama

James761 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 5:09 AM
Let us never forget that it's been the politicians who BYPASS & VIOLATE the Constitution is what got the whole country in the mess we're currently in...
...how important beer (& private enterprise!) is what raised humanity above the common beasts-of-the-field...And to also understand how adamant that liberals are to tear it all down.
In your response to Wendal: "Freakin’ liberals: Screw up everything else, but leave beer out of it." We'd better watch out. Liberals are already fighting to screw up beer; we risk leaving our beer unattended inside a tavern just because we have to go outside for a cigarette; keep legal drinking age high so that we have to give city-water to our kids, even though it's floridated (poisoned!) & laced with toxic chemicals; overall demonization of our Founding Fathers because it was Ben Franklin who said that, "Beer is proof that God loves us & wants us to be happy." The liberals' ways are numerous & invasive against personal liberty/responsibility. All it takes is a single viewing of "How Beer Saved the World" to understand...
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The G.O.P.'s One-Legged Stool?

James761 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 7:30 AM
This is why I've considered Romney as nothing more than a RINO...He ignores much of what it means to be a Republican.
...And the leftists seek to convince the gay people to enforce the lefty hatred of the Constitution & the Natural Rights of individuals. In this particular case, the two Rights in the 1st Amendment that confirm the Rights to Freedom of Speech & Religious Practice.
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