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Gov. Kasich: Romney Will Win Ohio

James742 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 6:45 PM
Actually, during the tail end of the Clinton years, a recession began. You could say that Bush "inherited" Clintons mess. As for the surpluss, this is a slight of hand. Clinton simply shifted funds around. Also.. the national debt GREW all 8 years while Clinton was in office.

With a newspaper poll showing the race in Ohio tied at 49 percent over the weekend and a new Rasmussen poll out today that shows Romney up 50-48 among likely voters, momentum in the Buckeye State is on Romney’s side. But as Ohio’s State Director Scott Jennings explains in a memo, momentum for Romney is being seen in more than just the polls, extending to grassroots voter contact, newspaper endorsements, events and early-voting statistics as well. The state of the race in Ohio is now a dead heat, “with Romney tracking toward victory on Election Day,” according...