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In the past, you've posted nearly identical comments to the above, longing for the days when all the old white people die off.
You poured through the column bent on finding something to criticize and that's the best you can come up with? I understand that it's easier to attempt to discredit your opponent so you don't have to present your own counter argument. But is that really helpful?
Because society demands it? That simple, huh? Our framework of government is determined by the Constitution. Not "mob rules".
I'm not talking about Alan West's status in the GOP. If your intent was truly to inform, you would have stopped there. Instead, you added in the "man crush" comment. You're not concerned with informing. Your main intent is to taunt people. Almost every one of your posts are filled with taunts. You may want to consider why you spend so much of your time going to a website for the sole purpose of mocking people with whom you disagree.
That's not the only catch 22. The other is that they prohibit the possession of a firearm in most of the placed these shootings take place, and then complain that civilians (supposedly) are not preventing the shootings. Kind of hard for an armed civilian to stop a shooting when you won't allow them to be armed in the first place.
Allison. I'm curious why you would start your comment with "not to veer off target" and then do just that. Also, have you considered that your comment itself accomplishes nothing? It's sole purposes is to mock and incite others. It contributed nothing to a civil exchange of ideas. Something for you to consider I hope.
Related note about the above incident. The gunman did this with two handguns. He murdered 23 people WITHOUT an assault weapon.
Shultz should speak to Suzanna Hupp. She's the woman who watched as both of her parents ( and 21 others) were murdered by a madman in a Luby's restaraunt. She had a legal firearm, but had left it in her vehicle because Texas State Law made it a crime for her to carry inside the restaraunt. Notice this law did not deter the gunman. She later testified before congress against such laws.
Yeah. Rather maddening. This is like a coach benching a hockey player for the game and then complaint that he didn't score. A child would recognize that this would not be rational. Why can't Schultz.
Another point not made in the article. Almost every one of the mass shootings that Shultz "recognizes" occurred in a location where legal firearm possession is prohibited. Is it any wonder then why more of these shootings are not stopped by a civilian with a gun?
I think home schooling is great. That said, not everyone has the ability/ time to do it. Also, I was asking abou. This particular event. It's already happened to their daughter so home schooling does nothing to undo what happened. Punishing the teacher financially will.
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