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This has been obvious to any reasonable person since the attack happened. Facts that cannot be disputed- they turned down repeated requests for security by the people on the ground including the ambassador. Then they got caught flat footed on 9/11 of all days. So, they covered it up and lied about the attack. As you pointed out, if it was a coordinated attack that we badly screwed up ( it was and we did) the admin has egg on its face.
Where is the comparison to the Ussr?
Hispanics are often categorized as "white". Not saying the above statistic is correct, just offering a possible option.
Those of us who are paying our own way know exactly how expensive it is to feed ourselves.
You advocate for allowing a steel instrument to be jammed into an unborn baby's head, and you call Mitt Romney's views creepy? Do you hear yourself?
We do t confuse him with anything. We correctly see someone who is advancing policies, such as the point of this article, that will be ruinous for this country.
So the. You admit that you're a traitor to your country then?
How a out as they pertain to the constitution?
Could have simply said "anglers". That said, excellent article and something I've long been aware of.
We don't have to "round them all up". This is a red herring. Simply remove the incentives for them to come here (jobs & government benefits) and most will go home the same way they got here.....on their own.
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