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Ending Gun Violence Requires Commitment, Not All of it Voluntary

James674 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 3:32 PM
You are wrong this time. "Semi-automatics shoot one bullet per trigger pull -- that's the definition." That's not quite the definition. A semi-automatic also ejects the empty cartridge and cocks the weapon so you can fire it the next time you pull the trigger. A revolver does NOT meet this definition. Neither does a bolt- or lever-action rifle, or a pump-action shotgun. Or a double-barrel shotgun. A LOT of guns manufactured since the civil war are NOT semi-automatic. On the other hand, you are completely correct about the definition of an "assault weapon" - "whatever politicians say they are." I fully support your actions, even when I can find a nit-picking error.

The good news is: Obama and the Senate Democrats have no intention of passing more idiotic gun legislation in response to the Newtown massacre. The bad news is that they also have no intention of passing any legislation about the mentally ill, which would actually do something to reduce these mass shootings.

Instead, the Democrats will jawbone about "assault weapons" and other meaningless gun laws for the sole purpose of scaring soccer moms into hating the National Rifle Association. Expect to hear a lot about Republicans preferring "the gun lobby" to "children." (Which is evidently not at all like...