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any 'reform' that doesn't begin with securing the border(complete fence)and enforcing current law is anthema to Americans and doesn't have preservation of this great republic as priority
voted Cynthia Davis for Lt.Gov. of missouri, she's constitution party and the real deal, hoping more conservatives will see this is the 'third party' with real promise
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Wimps Versus Barbarians

James65 Wrote: May 21, 2013 10:33 AM
decades of dumbed-down education have produced people with no sense of the importance of a moral framework within which freedom and civil discourse can flourish.....the present culture of indoctrination and political correctness is the consequence......look at the numerous '60s' radicals who are now tenured professors
arab muslims too.......but the 97% black vote didn't get him another term, a majority of americans did....so it's not just racist blacks, but other americans who apparently agree with his previous performance & support his agenda
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