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Why Obamacare Cannot Succeed

James64 Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 1:11 PM
Whether or not Obamacare (aka ACA, etc) "succeeds" depends on what it was crafted to accomplish. Since Act titles today rarely, if ever, are honest portrayals of the contents, we can be relatively sure that make healthcare affordable is not included. US Congressional history also shows that we are loathe to actually repeal; preferring to "fix" with more, often conflicting law. On another hand, if it was crafted as a venue toward government-paid (and ultimately provided) healthcare, anything short of full repeal will do nothing to stop it. Attempts to "fix" - especially by our liberal-enabling GOP (yeah, guys, it hurts, but that's all you've done for 50+ years) - will only, at best, postpone the event a couple of years. If you think it is expensive now - and it already is - wait until it is "free" (a la MedicAid)and our electeds start using increased health benefits to buy votes.