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What Happens When Looters and Moochers Outnumber Workers and Producers?

James64 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 8:30 AM
What was the man doing? Was there potential harm to "society" (what police protect, as they have no sworn obligation to the individual)? Without a motor, firearms in use, or a bomb on the raft, one can only surmise that "society" was in no actual or foreseeable danger and the only true threat was to the drunk himself. Unless there was an imminent danger downstream, there is no reason for authorities to interfere with this pursuit of 'happiness' - even if it IS rather stupid. If we were to outlaw THAT, most of us would - at least - be under house arrest.

The all-time, most-viewed post on this blog is this set of cartoons showing how the welfare state begins and how it eventually becomes an unsustainable mess.

The great Chuck Asay has a cartoon that takes the next step, showing what happens when the looters and moochers who ride in the wagon get pitted against those who are pulling the wagon.

Since I’m not a Romney fan (for a bunch of reasons outlined here), I would have preferred if the cartoon didn’t imply anything about the current election and instead focused on the rhetorical question...