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U.S. Dithers while World Feasts on New Energy Discoveries

James64 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 3:31 PM
"Protecting the environment" by posing a short deadline comes perilously close to stupid. One of the surest ways to mistakes is haste - and this administration uses it as a tool. It can't possibly be for the environment, except as a method to deny any activity at all. The best way for alternate energies to become profitable is to actually use up fossil fuels to the point we truly run low. Digging and drilling wherever we find it is the way to ensure that will happen. Then there will be no choice but to find another way. Forcing people will just create resistance and discord. Hardly a positive method for change.

Countries around the world are celebrating new oil and natural gas discoveries that hold the promise of greater prosperity for their citizens.

Argentina has just announced a find described by YPF CEO Miguel Galuccio as a “mother rock,” a shale formation that elevates the country to having the third largest shale energy potential behind the United States and China.

The new discovery of a 3.3 billion barrel oil deposit off Norway’s coast cements that nation’s claim to being Europe’s second largest oil producer.

In southwest Poland, San Leon Energy PLC drilled into a dolomite formation and discovered oil as it...

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