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Too Expensive to Die

James64 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 11:49 AM
I agree that such 'death taxes' should be abolished outright. There is something - even beyond the double taxing aspect - that is outright cruel: punishing the survivors for a death in the family. Yet - each small part, left intact, provides potential opportunity for those survivors that the tax often eliminates. Some of those opportunities become large successes, affecting large numbers of people - or could, were it not for the tax. But in todays divisive class/race/gender/wealth warfare, these are the class of folk to whom no compassion is encouraged - even though they ARE the class of folk who feed the Goose

The end is near.  Some kind of decision will be made on the fiscal cliff mess but it will more than likely be nothing substantial.  Knowing Congress, it will be a shot of morphine to ease our pain as we continue to be on death watch.

Speaking of death watch; no one other than financial gurus and geeks are talking about the impending rise in the estate tax.  Is no one paying attention to this blatant theft of savings and assets that have already been taxed once?

If nothing is done, on January 1, 2013...