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Tea Partiers Must Hang Tough

James64 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 2:14 PM
Percentages matter for comparisons only if the overall numbers are the same - which they weren't. Gerrymandering isn't exactly "perfectly legal", but is practiced routinely by both sides - with an edge to Dems who thru this past cycle were doing their damnedest. Unfortunately, they still "lost" State legislators, and control of whole legislatures, along with many Governorships. Maybe the Tea Party ain't quite dead yet?

Now, suddenly, the Tea Party is everybody’s whipping boy.

Liberals, in the wake of the election, gloat about what they see as liberalism’s return to the mainstream and good riddance to the end of the Republican “extremists.”

And, despite the spin, which never stops in Washington, it is not accidental that four prominent Tea Party congressmen have been purged from key committee posts by Speaker John Boehner.

So as the Washington “establishment” cozies up to the mindset that America will go on no matter what and that a bloated, debt-ridden America can go on just fine as long...