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“Thanks to your passion and advocacy and the irrefutable rightness of your cause, our government – the government of the people, by the people and for the people – will become just a little bit fairer,” Got to admit the mans audacity: forcing his personal vision of "fairness" (which really isn't) and "government of the people, by the people and for the people" - by using executive order "diktat"? If not for the damage to our country, it would be a laugh
I cannot disagree that O is the most terrible POTUS we have had and that alone qualifies him as worst. Hoover spent the '21 downturn ( we call it that, when it was initially worse than '29 - go figure) doing his humanitarian work and fell fully into the "government care and control" camp. His emotion and ignorance - and fear - colored everything since and he was certain government could cure the perceived social ills of the so-called "capitalism" of the day. That the general understanding then was that capitalism was what we today call "crony-capitalism" - business colluding with bureaucrats. Very few understood that capitalism neither wants, nor needs government direction.
Perhaps I am being kind; the damage his progressive ignorance of economics did more to entrench the Progressive mind-set in Washington than any other. His - and progressives - idea of helping the People is to give them a fish, rather than teach them how. Theirs really isn't that far different than old aristocracies- except the wealth to do their "good works" is not theirs to give. The attitude, however, is the same
Hoover's decisions were based in the fear (rather than knowledge) he gained during the 1921 downturn. His efforts then we're humanitarian and emotional - which help some get thru an ordeal, but does nothing greater. He then applied that fear and humanitarian desire onto an economic process - with the now-obvious disastrous result. I wonder if he ever realized the truth about fear: that it is a wonderful motivator, but a terrible decision-maker.
They Law we live by is ours and Muslims wishing to live here must accept and obey them, as any other citizen. Or don't come at all. This is also the the Rule for ALL immigrants, that they accept the Law of our country. Illegals have made no such oath.
One would think that, as our Rule of Law is based in English Common law, there would be no question; we cannot simply choose another form to coexist, or supplant that heritage. Ratification of the Constitution which promotes consistency with THAT Law was the acceptance of a contract and not subject to change for anyone's convenience.
You are correct; fight like he'll to get our conservatives nominated, but whether ALL the winners are "ours" or not, fight like he'll to get them ALL IN! Do not get impatient as a liberal activist might; keep constant pressure on them and make them either fight harder for reelection or get true to the values we want. Steady, constant pressure over multiple cycles will get us there.
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G'ddam the Liberals

James64 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 10:48 AM
Iraq requires a new tack; possibly the best is to let them split, then trade - or not. American Constitutional republicanism is not an exportable commodity - it must be homegrown and that gets passed on by example. All we get from military efforts is a watered down version - heavy on government-given rights and a smokescreen "democracy". SHOW the world the shining city and let people decide that is what they want and if they are willing to make it so.
reducing bureaucracy is incredibly difficult. It is "the BLOB" when you try to trim it down. Eliminate a department and another replaces it. There will always be something to "grow" until it can spin off into it's own separate entity; say, a Pollinator Task Force expanding to monitor insect activities and how people can be controlled to faciltate the Task Force. (maybe not, but this is how it begins). WE cannot directly affect bureaucracy - it requires our electeds, so we need to elect those willing to actually reduce it. Make it less lucrative - from the middle, up - and there will be fewer looking for those jobs. At the bottom, they can eventually adjust thru attrition afterward, instead of first (that is never going to work, it is the same hostage-taking as school, police, fire budgets, et al)
Politicians have little to no idea what criteria are needed for performance bonuses in the VA (nor HUD, DHS, IRS, etc) because they do not know what the job actually entails - so they get their 'criteria' from - you guessed? - the administrative bereaucrats of the VA (et al) who would be the beneficiaries. Washington politics is bad enough, but it is Federal bureaucrats killing to country. Politics makes the pieces, but bureaucrats assemble them into a weapon and use them.
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