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Buffett Rule Doesn't Apply to Obama

James64 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 11:41 AM
There really are few limits when in the public eye, but one would hope that honour prevails. That includes the calling of names as a means to belittle and the "enemy" during this cycle already uses that tactic - sometimes while posing as "friend" .

No wonder President Obama is so keen on passing the Buffett Rule -- it wouldn't have affected his tax rate this year!

Yes, that's right: the Obamas raked in less than $1 million this year. Therefore, in a "Buffett Rule" world, they wouldn't have to pay their "fair share."

President Obama earned $789,674 in 2011, the White House announced on Friday. However, with this income, he does not even qualify for the so-called Buffett Rule that he has promoted relentlessly and the Senate will take up on Monday.

The Buffett Rule calls for those...