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Another Trip Into the Recesses of the Liberal Mind

James64 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 2:17 PM
With the ideology currently in charge, this is her opportunity to make that impact on society she dreams of - daft as it is. Inheritance (that you get to keep) sufficient to weather changes constitutes a negligible percentage of people, if personal experience is any indication. In 55 years, I've met two - and they would weather some pretty small change, at that (but they spent it all first). The best things would be changing attitudes toward spending (really, credit) and make savings beneficial financially; rather than practically a wasted effort. If you want policy to fix things, that policy has to make the right things cheap and easy and the 'wrong' things difficult and expensive. If it can't, it simply will not work.

Sit down. I’m truly sorry about this, but we really need to take another trip into the dark recesses of the liberal mind. A dangerous journey to a world where it is greedy to want to keep your own money, but not to covet the money or property of others; a world where earning 17% of the income, but paying 38% of the income taxes means you’re not paying your fair share; a world where any expression of disagreement with any utterance, no matter how ignorant, from the mouth of someone-not-white makes you a racist.

We have to do this...