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Just tried to log in (Texas) Got through initial screens but when it came time to create an account - Sorry, System down, try again later.
OK to pay park rangers to keep vets out. Not OK for vets to walk through public property What a load of @#$%
Unable to log into obamacare website for Texas.
When did Illinois and Minnesota change their border so they are "bordering states. News to Wisconsin and Iowa....
A day late and a dollar short. Better to stay out of it.
For some reason I recall a phrase - No taxation without representation. Where have I heard that before?
5 Reasons to move to Texas: Jobs, no personal income tax, low cost of living, friendly people, Jobs
DUH. Travelocity is a private business that competes with other private businesses to provide a service while making a profit. You know, the profit motive and competition, typically result in good customer service. Now the obamacare exchanges start with a simpler model, the state DMV, where customer service is not a high priority and there is no competition for the monopoly provider. Who really thought that obamacare would be like Travelocity?
I am from Houston. The polling station in question is in an almost entirely black neighborhood. The NAACP presence within 100 feet of the voting, while illegal, will not change anyone's vote there. Texas is a slam dunk for Romney. I hope that is the case in many many other states.
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