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The Goodness of Marriage

James437 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 11:55 AM
This so called argument about marriage always has been and always will be about GOD's word on it. GOD says it is between one man and one woman. The world says other wise. Now the world is quickly coming to an end, while GOD is around forever. This whole world is divided about whether you want to be on GOD's side or the the world's side. You see all around you the evil of the world system. It is your choice which side you want to be on. Of course the current administration is hell bent on us all being on the world's side. People are still fighting against it.
miketurnerusa Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 5:47 PM
The God argument not valid cause Government can't make laws preferring one religion over another.

NOTE: This is the third column in a series of columns related to National Marriage Week, Feb. 7-14, 2013. The second column is available here.

G.K. Chesterton observed in The Superstition of Divorce that “reformers of marriage . . . do not know what it is, or what it is meant to be, or what its supporters suppose it to be . . . .” Marriage opponents, who today seek not to reform but rather redefine marriage, appear to suffer from the problem diagnosed by Chesterton almost a century ago.

In their heedless rush to establish the legitimacy of...