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John Kerry’s Quest to Communize Central America

James437 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 8:57 AM
Please if you are a Nam Vet like me, than write to your Congressman and Senator like I did and demand that they not support Kerry for SOS. To do so would be a slap and spit in the face to all who served there. This traitor does not deserve to be anything in government.

Say what you want about Senator John Kerry, nobody ever called him lazy. He landed in Congress and immediately rolled up his sleeves and spat on his hands. The Nicaraguan people must end up like the Cuban and Vietnamese! Toward this end the man was tireless. The vision inspired him to such a staggering work load, energized him to such a frantic pace, and propelled him to such legislative feats, that his colleagues -- even the pinkest -- gaped in envy and awe.

Back in the mid 80’s Nicaragua was the pinkos' latest City on a Hill, Daniel Ortega their...