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How President Obama Lost His Shirt to John Boehner

James437 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 8:54 AM
Boehner winning anything has yet to be seen. Lets see how he does in May first. As for right now, he lost in the nomination of the traitor Kerry, and probably Hagel too. The gun fight is looming, amnesty to the illegals already has the GOP in the gang of 8 ready to pardon everyone, because the GOP is terrified over loosing the his and her spanic votes and will sell out everything to even remotely have a chance of them not voting socialist party. Boehner and GOP have been loosing for 5 years now and I surely do not see a victory in sight anywhere for them.
petroleum engineer Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 4:42 PM
We are fighting a war - the last battle is the one that counts. Our biggest problem is not who become Sec. of State and Defense it is out of control spending and unemployment. I would never approve Hagel and especially not Kerry, but thre was no way that Republicvans were going to stop either nomination - we are stuck with them. Boehner is trying to win the war with one hand tied behind his back - the Senate is an enemy.
Wooster Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 2:30 PM
Boehner is in the House, which has no say in the confirmation of Hagel or Kerry. That is the job of the Senate.

The House, under the leadership of Speaker John Boehner, has precipitated a postponement in the debt ceiling fight until May. This represents a strategic choice by Boehner to make the Sequester fight, not the debt ceiling fight, the next major engagement. Much of the mainstream media now is accusing Congress of “kicking the can down the road.” They are missing the strategic implications.

In retrospect, at the Battle at Fiscal Cliff, Boehner took President Obama to the cleaners. He did it suavely, without histrionics. While Obama churlishly, and in a politically amateurish manner, publicly strutted about having forced the Republicans...