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Women Pols Won’t Fix Gridlock

James3443 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 7:11 AM
Every time I hear someone going on about how if women ran things, we wouldn't have all our problems, I think of a line from a PBS host in the first 'Airplane!' movie, "if the world were run by woman vegetarians...'

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Exhilarated by the record number of women elected to both the House and Senate in 2012, giddy commentators have begun suggesting that increased representation by females could cure the poisonous polarization in Washington and repair the broken institutions of our government. A more sober, comprehensive analysis, however, reveals no historical or logical basis to assume that the much heralded influx of female politicos means an automatic improvement in the dysfunctional performance of the legislative branch.

The gloom surrounding the upcoming budget, gun control, and confirmation battles seems so pervasive, in...