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Palestinians danced in the streets when 9/11 happened. Just so you liberal terrorist sympathizers know, that when you side with Palestinians, you side with people that danced when Americans were being murdered. Of course liberals wanted to dance when 9/11 happened, so i don't think they care about that.
don't the people who aren't paying their water bills have an obligation to society to pay for what they take or are liberals saying that only the rest of us have to pay but they don't
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Democrats Don't Debate; They Distort

james32 Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 10:17 AM
Liberals and their hatred of america should be silenced.
Liberals. Can't trust them at all.
I'm not going to defend her morality. She's a terrible person. But Lawyers are supposed to do what she did. She had a client and she defended that client every way she could. We want that in our system. Our system is based on that dynamic. If you're in court you want a lawyer to do everything they can to help you.
She was a lawyer, that's their job.
Wolf Blitzer is there no level that you won't sink to to protect Obama? You are a sad sad old man. Retire!!!!
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