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Settled Science Brakes Into Cold Sweat

James314 Wrote: May 12, 2014 8:17 AM
On thing is for sure the Ultra left wind liberal Socialist Democrats have never let common sense sense and reason effect their mental (or lack there of) processes. They are like a fart in a skillet, bouncing from one cause to another no matter how foolish it is or what it will cost with no results.
Like the Socialist Democrat element in Washington DC they are hoping that it will go away, they have been hoping this since we lost 4 Americans due to their bumbling incompetency. O'socialist was in his room slamming his head on the floor and Killeary was who knows where but she sure didn't answer the phone when the call was made for help.
Sadly the list only contains part of the Illicit actions by the corrupter in the whut house the list since he slithered into the United States and politics is much longer and if a through investigation as done he would be in prison for a long time along with others who back, lied and supported his run for office while lying to the American people.
And let the stonewalling begin by the O'socialist and DOJ. They will not acknowledge the charges against Learner and do all they can to deny any type of investigation for as long as they can. The "cleaners" will be hard at work over a the IRS burning records and erasing any and all memos that might implicate the corrupter in chief. His pet weasel in DOJ will be rooting like a little pig thru the muck and mire to protect his lord and master.
Even if O'socialist had not lied again the figures still do not add up to success on any level at all. According to the census beaure there are 312 million Americans currently if my math is even partially correct that means that if their numbers are even close it still only comes to approx 3.5% of the population has signed up. But that does not tell us how many have actually paid for the first month, how many are duplicates and how many are additions to their parents insurance. It also does not tell us how many Criminal illegal Invaders have signed up expecting to be given free insurance with all the "special" subsidies so they only might pay pennies on the dollar for coverage of some type.
Sadly, Shejackle is a "protected" dumbocrat in Houston, Texas. The fun and games comes from trying to remember when she actually to a fact straight. To date no one has won the contest. Her district is made up of some good people who are out numbered by idiots who have gotten so used to being on the dole that they will never leave to actually find work and be productive citizens. Even the Criminal Illegal Invaders don't want to be there after dark because of the crime rate in her district.
Horror of horrors, are you saying that the Clintons are lying, again? This is not news, after all, they are part and partial Socialist Democrats who are past masters and collusion, Lies and Deceit. We have see the Socialist Democrat party and it sponsors from FDR forth lies constantly. They have but one goal in mind and that is the destruction of our nation at any cost not matter who they throw under the bus to achieve their goal of total domination of our nation and our citizens.
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More Fraudulent Science From EPA

James314 Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 11:52 AM
The EPA is run by a group of buffoons who are Utopian Dreamers. They do not live in the real world and have long ago sold their soul to the idiots in the Socialist Democrat party. Their goal is to drive us back to living in caves and walking every place. That is all but the "ELITES" in government who are making these insane rules for but one reason. to allow them to enslave our nation and establish their dictator for life. Their idiocracy has destroyed the COAL industry which could power or nation and provided electric power at a reasonable cost to everyone rather than just the select elitist in government. Their have planned all along to destroy the Automobile industry and are using the corrupt EPA to accomplish their goal and force the nation to used electric vehicles to limit and restrict our travel.
One thing that has been constant since the Clinton's first hit the political scene, They have the best shredders available as soon as a piece of paper is generated it is destroyed, burned, buried and removed from existence. Even if you have paper generated that is unfavorable they have "friends" who will invade the national archives and remove the entire document at the risk of going to jail. Of course then the individual winds up dead a short time later. This has been the story since they started. Even if you have a paper trail in your hand and and question them it never reaches the light of day for fear you might disappear it seems. Wonder what information that the NSA has found out about them and who has it?
I guess if the Ultra Left Wing Socialist Democrats can not abort the unborn then they will just drop them off at the adoption clinic and abort then that way. No matter how you try to word it or play it up they are throwing away their babies rather than become responsible and loving parents. After all babies cramp thier party life style, but based upon how some of them act that might actually be better for the children. At least they will be adopted by loving parents who want them and did not try to kill them before they were born.
Why such a large piece? A lump about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch would be more than enough with plenty left over. Or just go to the Monkey farm and scoop up all you need from just one.
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