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It seems that as long as they have low information voters and tell a lie shrill enough, lone enough and often enough their voting base(?) will buy any thing the say. But it seems a though they are beginning to wake up on the occupier of the White House. The Black community in Chicago is getting upset that he spending billion on the Criminal Illegal Alien Invaders and not one red cent on them or doing anything to stop the violence in Chicago or other major cities. Wonder how they will try to spin that before the 2014 and 2016 elections?
The violence ploy is some thing dreamed up by the occupier of the White House and his stooges to blow smoke up Americans backside. It is a trick to get Congress to authorize the billions of unending dollars he wants to further his agenda on America. If you think giving the Invading Children amnesty is the end to it you have to realize that once they get a foothold here then they will try to bring in their Parents and the rest of their family to further invade our nation, drain our resources, welfare, food stamps, schools, hospitals and what few if any jobs are available.
The entire Socialist Democratic politicos have it down pat, they can make a scene, create bad publicity for some of the companies, turn out crowds to draw TV time and possible cause the company to lose investors or money. It is easier for them to pay off the criminals who are playing them than face a possible trial that, even if thrown out will cause more bad publicity. They can make the money back quicker than they can eliminate or erase the bad publicity that lingers on for years and effects their bottom line an dividends paid to investors.
To find a worse ruler in American History you would have to go back to the English King that started the ball rolling in the first place. The fact that he is an Orieo is also a shame as he has disgraced those of color who might otherwise stand out in the public arena. Many Americans voted for him simple because they have been fed the BS about race relations in American and that it was time for a Black President. They did not bother to look at his record, how he arrived in America, his background nor the statements he has made in the public arena and has been captured on Video posted on You Tube for all to see. But once again the definition of Stupid has been validated when they voted for him a second time.
It seems extremely strange that only four day before the election the ad's were suddenly found to be "determent" to Harry Reid's reputation considering his actions over the past 6 years. I haven't seen nor heard the ad but what could they say that would be worse than his own record? He has been a despicable, tyrannical individual and there are so many question about his lack of ethics lately that they need to be revealed. The latest that comes to mine was his attack upon a rancher over grazing right where he had a deal with the Chinese to build a Solar Power system and his sons sudden promotion to a Ukraine energy company. In his last election he was losing until the Unions bussed in members of the local union to vote for him. Of course, since the do not have voters ID in his state, Surprise, there was no way to insure that they were lawful and legal residents of the United States. The stench continues with the Socialist Democrat party and their special "friends" on the bench.
As long as the ultra left keeps spewing forth it trash in the colleges converting fools to their beliefs we will have a problem. The majority of Americans do not pay attention to what is going on but merely get sound bits from the left thru the so called news channels and their headlines. Our nation has become self centered and only care about what the perceive to immediately effect them without looking any further down the road. It is only instant gratification that draws them and their attention span is short at best. The rest of the population is to busy trying to survive and earn a living. They have to be alert for what is happening now and in the future so they have to pay attention to the real news not just the sound bites.
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Who Needs LA?

James314 Wrote: May 21, 2014 9:48 AM
And if Sterline sells the Clipper he can take his money and move to a more enjoyable place where people will ignore his words to get his money there. Hell he can become the next Governor of Cali and be king of the froot loopers.
Firing squad or hanging both worked pretty dammed good for along time, even the French guillotine is quick, simple and effective. The only change I woudl make is by making it public rather than in a sterile location. Let the thugs, punks murders and miscreants see and understand what the death sentence means. Give the condemned 1 appeal, if not new evidence is brought forth after 180 day the carry out the sentence and rid society of the murder.
Satan is alive and well in the world today, all you have to do is look around to see his influence upon our lives. He thrives in the Movies, music, politics and in the minds of many people in the world. They many not acknowledge it but you see the Satanic influence in the trash produced by his minions in Hollywood ever day. You hear it in the trash produced by the so called Music/rap industry where they defame any and everyone with impunity even using words that would get ordinary citizens arrested for racial slurs. Our politicians have refused to acknowledge God and turned to punishing those of religious values and denying them their freedom of religion. They have celebrated the murder of the unborn, homosexuality and other perverse life styles. They have tolerate and supported the use of drugs and other ischemic to subdue the spirit of the people. They have even refused to acknowledge or accept that our nation is under attack by Radical Islamic terrorist in our own land and that they are swayed to surrender to their demands.
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Settled Science Brakes Into Cold Sweat

James314 Wrote: May 12, 2014 8:17 AM
On thing is for sure the Ultra left wind liberal Socialist Democrats have never let common sense sense and reason effect their mental (or lack there of) processes. They are like a fart in a skillet, bouncing from one cause to another no matter how foolish it is or what it will cost with no results.
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