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I agree it was a breech of protocol that allowed the 2nd person to contract Obola. The blame can be traced right back to the Occupier of the White house and his incompetent staff. As soon as the outbreak happened they should have closed all flight out of the region and any passengers that were coming from that region until they had been in quarantine for a minimum of 30 days. Now they are sending 3000 American troops into harms way with not training, no protection equipment and when they return unless they have quarantine procedures they Obolo virus will spread across America. One of two things, either O'Socialist is totally incompetent or else this is part of his plan to destroy America and our way of life. Even now that we have cases appearing in America the Ultra Left Wing Liberals are refusing to take action to protect Americans from this disease and are willing to let Americans die to prove their liberals ways. How long and how many must die before the Citizens wake up and realize what is happening to our Nation?
Be better to name a "Homosexual" beach after Obama, after all he has his head in the sand all the time and his backside exposed.
One thing for you can bank on, the left has never let truth stand in their way when they are talking. They can lie better than any one and what is even more confusing, is the guy in the bread line actually believes them and will vote for them again as his food stamps are cut or his unemployment has finally run out.
There are many Americans who are more than qualified to run for public office and maintain high standards. The come in all sizes, shapes and racial diversity. The problem we have is that when a qualified person of a different race runs for office it offends someone, somewhere and the racial comments start. When I was a child in the late 40's I can remember reading about various people in our history who made contributions to our way of life. The text book did not point out that they were Black,White, Yellow or what ever. They were Americans, later on I discovered that some were of a different race than I. It caught me off guard since I am White and had not paid attention to racial things. I grew up in a rural area and my playmates were Black and Mexican. Like all kids we had our battles but we played and fished together, we even ate together and drank from the same glass or bottle of soda. Segregation was still in play in the South at that time but to us kids it did not matter. It was only when I moved to the city that we saw the divide. Fortunately I went in to the USAF in '64 and there it did not rear its ugly head until Viet Nam and we had many militant Blacks from the cities drafted bringing with them the inner city strife and discord. After Viet Nam it took a while for it to dissipate and relations level out again. Today the US military has good racial relations across the board for the most part. There are few isolate instances that crop up in the ranks from time to time, generally among the younger troops that have not learned to depend upon their brothers in combat.
O'socialist foreign policy is a laugh at best, He is never in the office, his phone doesn't work on the greens and since he doesn't have TV or radio out there his is completely clueless about what is going on in the world. To sum up his foreign policy it is Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing.
Remember that Boomeloonie has a private army to insure he is safe. They carry weapons so he doesn't have to. That way he can continue his idiocy statements and campaign against weapons.
Oh hell we have an imposter in Washington DC pretending to be President. Quick call the Presidential Security Team and have them go arrest whoever it was who issued to order for the troops to pull out. We must find this imposter and punish him for besmirching the president, I bet Moochie will be upset also as she has been sleeping with an imposter all this time.
It seems that as long as they have low information voters and tell a lie shrill enough, lone enough and often enough their voting base(?) will buy any thing the say. But it seems a though they are beginning to wake up on the occupier of the White House. The Black community in Chicago is getting upset that he spending billion on the Criminal Illegal Alien Invaders and not one red cent on them or doing anything to stop the violence in Chicago or other major cities. Wonder how they will try to spin that before the 2014 and 2016 elections?
The violence ploy is some thing dreamed up by the occupier of the White House and his stooges to blow smoke up Americans backside. It is a trick to get Congress to authorize the billions of unending dollars he wants to further his agenda on America. If you think giving the Invading Children amnesty is the end to it you have to realize that once they get a foothold here then they will try to bring in their Parents and the rest of their family to further invade our nation, drain our resources, welfare, food stamps, schools, hospitals and what few if any jobs are available.
The entire Socialist Democratic politicos have it down pat, they can make a scene, create bad publicity for some of the companies, turn out crowds to draw TV time and possible cause the company to lose investors or money. It is easier for them to pay off the criminals who are playing them than face a possible trial that, even if thrown out will cause more bad publicity. They can make the money back quicker than they can eliminate or erase the bad publicity that lingers on for years and effects their bottom line an dividends paid to investors.
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