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Paul Ryan: Our New Budget Will Balance Within Ten Years

James2928 Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 1:38 PM
"... workers to begin making some contributions to their pensions ..." Actually this statement isn't completely accurate. I'm a current Federal Employee and we already make a contribution to our pension. I'll admit that it's not much so I'm fine with increasing it but we have to be careful not to make it "unattractive" to work for the Federal Government or else all the good people will leave and you won't be able to hire any quality people and you'll end up with more "turds" than you have now. :-)
Jeff2853 Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 2:00 PM
You have to go a long way to make government work "unattractive" hardly have to work now and zero chance of getting fired. Doubt we could find much worse "turds" than are already there....Government workers make twice what their counterparts in the private sector make when including wages and benefits. Give us a break. We have to put 100% into our "retirement funds", why don't you??? Leeches and parasites are the only words that come to mind.

It's budget week in America, and for the first time in four years, both houses of Congress will respect the law and produce a blueprint for the coming fiscal year.  The release of the president's budget, which was due by statute on February 4, has been delayed for a second time until April 8.  Senate Democrats will finally unveil their plan on Wednesday, with a single day mark-up planned for Thursday.  Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on his chamber's budget committee, says he fears Harry Reid and Patty Murray's caucus will introduce a budget that raises taxes by...