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I'll be seeing that movie when???? Oh yeah, never.
Coming to a city near you.
"Only 10% of Americans find the tax code complicated,"?????? In what fantasy land does he live in? Likely one of those poll questions designed to lead to that conclusion.
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Republicans Need To Grow Up About Taxes

James282 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 8:13 PM
Dig deeper, Mark. MD Democrats (and yes, despite the occasional Susan Krebs, this is a one party state) have raided the transportation fund in much the same way that politicians of both parties have raided the so called "lock box" of social security, nationally. Once my last child graduates, I am relocating my family and my business out of this abysmal cesspool.
Sometimes I think we can't hit the proverbial bull in the butt with the bass fiddle.
We ARE California east. Land of Fruits and Nuts, with the boy governor, Marty OWE Malley leading the charge forward (into the abyss).....
All but 2 are has beens or never was's. Maybe our boycott is already working!
It sure would be interesting to see if anyone can identify the punk that punched him out and post his address on line.
Okay, I'm all about exposing the fools on the left for who they are, but this guy clearly says "Leave us alone or we're coming for you and will get you out of your position, we're done." That is a FAR cry from this headline, which excludes the last 5 words, thus completely changing the message. This is the exact type of crud I HATE about the leftists. Please don't fall to their level.....
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