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SuperPACs and "Wasted Money"

James2571 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 11:51 PM
Dadgum man the liberals made out like a bandit!! It's Liberal Christmas out here. Legal Weed, Gay Marriage, People voting to raise their own taxes, and re-electing an African American President. All in one election!!!
Much digital ink and wind is being expended today on the interwebs and cable TV lamenting the ineffectiveness of outside spending from conservative-aligned groups in electing Republican candidates. Indeed, some of the largest groups spent incredible amounts of money to what looks to be little effect. Many Republican candidates who had large SuperPACs behind them lost, and in what looked to be winnable races. This wasn't just Mitt Romney - it was down the ballot with candidates like Josh Mandel, Scott Brown, Tommy Thompson and George Allen.

The Washington Post's headline is "Spending by independent groups had little...