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The point is that if the 2 men having sex with one another or the 2 women having sex with one another are consenting gay adults there is no problem. Some of your children are gay. I don't believe the lesson as described should be part of a high school curriculum but I am also sceptical that as described is what transpired. But teenagers should be aware that gay people exit and it is no big deal. I would say easily 20% of the faculty at my Catholic high school was gay and about 8% of the all male student body was.
I went to Catholic high school. I would say 20% of the faculty was gay - great teachers.
A little violent there Jer aren't we? Why the call to kill those born different than you?
As long as they don't seek equality when it comes to government benefits?
I read your posts and can only conclude you want to live in a world without gay people. Perhaps gay people should all be institutionalized rather than killed.
Civil marriage is not holy matrimony. Civil unions are not legal in this country.
How so?
How much blood have you shed because gay people exist?
Death camps for all of them right Darb?
Locks yourselves in your homes, better yet the closet. God forbid you should leave your home and encounter someone who thinks differently.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
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